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Diana and Joseph 1The day my grandson, Ezra was diagnosed with leukemia the outpouring of love and support for him, my son, and my daughter-in-law was overwhelming. As time passed the phone calls and visits slowly faded until only a few true friends remained. For three and a half years the long trips for chemo, mounting bills (both medical and travel) and hospital stays seemed endless. We are all thankful to God that the chemo trips and long hospital stay are behind us. The bills linger but will eventually fade away. As of last June the last chemo trip became history. This week one of the family’s true friends lost his little girl. During the early days and throughout Ezra’s illness the dad was always there. Now it’s time to be the kind of friend that he has been. It’s the kind of friendship that can only be forged through the fires of suffering and unspeakable pain. This kind of friendship can’t be felt or understood by those that have never felt the pain.



By David Hudson

People pass through our lives as we all know

Some come to stay and others come and go

Some have been with us since we were a child

While others we hold close for only a while

Some friends are good for laughs, they are so much fun

They are great at parties and days filled with sun

But the friends we hold closest on nightmare filled days

Are the ones that’s tasted our suffering in so many ways

For when all others have forsaken us and we’re left all alone

Only they understand when all has gone wrong

These friends are few and like diamonds they’re rare

They never forsake us, our burdens they share

When suffering has transformed us it’s to this very end

Only then we become to others that kind of friend

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